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Things to Know Regarding Jonathan Van Ness Quotes

If you are not really familiar with JVN or Jonathan Van Ness, you should know that he is a popular LGBTQ+ celebrity and he is also a nonbinary influencer. He is originally a hairdresser and became more popular for his web series which is Gay of Thrones which is a parody wherein he would actually review the current episodes of the Game of Thrones, which is one popular HBO series.

JVN also launched his career when he was considered a grooming expert on Queer Eye. Today, he hosts a popular podcast that is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and he was also able to release his first book.

Also, he shared those stories which were never told before that included the difficulties he went through with drug addiction, prostitution, child sexual abuse, body image and getting diagnosed with HIV. He is considered to be an inspiration for many in and beyond the LGBTQ+ spectrum and these are among the JVN quotes that you will surely love.

JVN said that he wants the people to actually fall in love with themselves and for them to be proud as well as full of joy for that space that they are taking up. When someone else is able to appreciate that space you have taken up, then such is an icing on the cake.

Also, another quote that many loved is when he said he had to fight many years in order to be proud of the person that he sees in the mirror and really love such person.

Also, JVN quotes that for him, self-care isn’t shallow at all. Being able to show up for yourself and put some moisturizer can inspire the other parts in your life.

He also inspires others to make little pockets of joy in life in order to take care of oneself.

Moreover, he stresses that self-care is actually the non-negotiable. That is actually the thing that you must do. Also, beauty is something which is the advantage of self-care. You should understand that beauty isn’t the point. What you should understand is that beauty is a side-effect of self-care.

There are many other JVN quotes that you will love if you have not known them yet. It would be a great thing that you follow him on social media so that you will get more inspirations from him if ever you belong to the LGBTQ+ community or not. You may get to learn so many things in life from such person and if you have learned more, then you can also share with the other people what you have learned for you to inspire them.

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